Impartiality and Confidentiality:
We specialize only in business valuations and are not involved in the sale of the business. Therefore, any valuation is done at arm's length without any ulterior motive or potential conflict of interest. A business appraiser's opinion of value should be totally independent in order to maintain credibility. The appraiser is not an employee nor the advocate or agent of the business being valued.

Also, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Any business appraisal assignment is a confidential undertaking between the business appraiser and the client. No information regarding the business appraisal will be disclosed to any third party without the expressed consent of the client.

Items Needed For The Appraisal

After the need, objective, and timing of the business valuation is established, the clients most recent financial statements are requested for initial valuations analysis. There is no charge for this preliminary analysis and all submitted information is kept totally confidential. Once the data is received and assessed, the client is then advised if a business appraisal is viable, the total cost, and the time needed for completion.